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Great listen

Very interesting

A great listen

Joe and Gordon delve into life during its most challenging moments but also draw out the positives of change with their guests. A great podcast to remind you of the power of the self.

Stimulating listening

If you are looking for a podcast to both entertain you and give you some different perspectives on issues then this is a podcast for you. A great way to spend some time in lockdown and beyond. Keep it up guys!


Love this podcast. Great listen.

Lockdown Listen

Different opinions. Willing to listen to each other and find understand from both sides. Very enjoyable, keep it up L A D S.

Thoughtful thinking’s of two twenty somethings

Great to hear two differing opinions discussed in an intelligent way. They don’t always agree, but they respect each other’s views as they discuss the world as it is during this tricky time. Thank you to Joe and Gordon for this reflection on the world today.


Great hosts! Great podcast!

The Company You Didn’t Know You Needed

Wow. I’m pretty bad about starting new podcasts, but I am so glad I’ve started this one from the beginning. Gordon and Joe make quarantine feel a LOT less lonely. They’re the kind of people that you want to chat up at a pub. The kind of people you can joke with while in a que at Gregg’s waiting f…